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Human resource background

Market competition can be viewed as the competition of talent, enterprises’ successful sometimes depend on the talents they have. Nowadays, the most important asset of the enterprise is neither the advanced productive forces nor the strong financial strength, but the human resources. With more than 20 years development, the company now has developed into a national key high-tech enterprises, This is a professional, dedicated, passionate, ideal team, and the continuous innovation and excellence spirit of enterprise.

Professional Team

Tianyin base on people-oriented strategy which allow employees to perform their best and respect every employee in the same time. Tianyin is trying to create a harmonious, positive and beneficial to the growth of each individual and the development environment, this is also the most determined idea of Tianyin in human resources aspect. Now, company have more than 100 staff, include more than 40 college education staffs, more than 30 scientific and technical personnel, more than 10 management personnel, more than 20 administrative staffs, and more than 20 marketing staffs. The company has many professional talents who are professional, high knowledgeability and play an indispensable role in various positions.

Respect and platform building for employees

Tianyin cannot do things successfully without the efforts of every individuals and every person's wisdom and sweat makes Tianyin grow sustainable. Of course, at the same time, the enterprises did not ignore the contribution of each staffs, enterprises focus on improving the employee benefit such as provide opportunities and space for staffs’ sustainable development, make reasonable planning for the career promotion. “How large the heart is, how large the platform will be” is, since people possess dream, passion, energy, talent, anyone can grow up healthy and happy in the company, enterprises keep constantly explores and pursuit of each person's ability in order to optimize the configuration of human resources.

Development of potential & Skill Improvement

Tianyin also pays attention to the staffs’ professionality improvement and focus on improving employees’ personality in the same time.

In order to create a learning oriented atmosphere, the company carried out the corresponding professional training, knowledge seminars, include to hire professional teachers, professional organizations to educate employees and improve their working ability and skill in doing business, so that every employee can learn more, make progress in their daily work and finally break through the self. Add value to the employees during the work is the desire and pursuit of the company to build a learning-oriented enterprise and the compony proud of each employee who can achieve self-fulfill.

Let us work together, pioneering and innovative, to jointly create a brilliant future of Tianyin.