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Innovation, scientific management, product quality, customer satisfaction

Tianyin base on the development strategy of the company, according to market demand and market positioning, quality policy of exploration, innovation, scientific management product quality and customer satisfaction to push the research on the development of waterborne chemicals.

Tianyin enhances the recruitment of technical talents, for example, the company processes research and information technology and processes research and information technology to introduce and cultivate the talents. Developing polymer emulsion and waterborne chemicals;Improving information management; Actively collecting product research and development information; Understanding the direction of domestic and foreign high performance polymer emulsion development; Developing advance awareness; Paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, Using the patent application and protection of varieties with independent intellectual property rights to ensure the exclusive production of the company's products.

Tianyin’s recent trend of product development

1. Creating a new concept of environmental protection, Improving the earth's environment, serving and bring benefit to the society .

Tianyin always has advocated the R&D concept in water-based chemical development philosophy. The company will ensure the company align with the concept of environmental protection throughout the research and development, manufacturing, and always put the human living environment in the first place and make environmental protection as the ultimate goal of R & D. Focusing on the implementation of clean production technology and the participation of environmental protection, promoting the development of waterborne products, and continuously for the benefit of mankind.

2. With the favor policy like providing supports for national key high and new technology enterprises, make the R&D research with shorter time, easier and faster.
According to market information and research of industrialization project and using the company’s own strong technical force to enhance the polymer emulsion’s independent research and development, this will greatly improve the product R & D rate and reduce funding input which subsequently quickly put the products on the market to create the market competitiveness.

3. Positioning of R&D products

Base on the current market, the solvent based chemicals can be harmful to human’s body and environment. This motivate us to the research and develop the high-performance water - based polymer emulsion, waterborne coatings, water-based adhesives, water - based chemicals of printing, net flavor emulsion and water functional additives.

4. The concept of environmental protection was placed throughout all of the R&D and manufacturing.

a. Formula design: it removed the raw materials which containing benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances at the beginning of developing the products, to guide the direction of research and development by applying environmental protection concept.

b. The raw materials are mainly from well-known brands, such as BASF, Roman Haas, thus laying a solid foundation for the production of high quality "green" products.

c.  The air purify process: the whole process of production starts from ingredients, mixing, dispersion and modulation are set with the no dust, no noise, safety and environmental standards, and carry out to produce with pollution-free.

d. Wastewater treatment process: established on line monitoring system for environmental protection sewage. Workshop wastewater treatment, biological treatment, filtration reach discharging standards.

e. Products has passed the national authority of the strict "ten ring environmental signs" testing and certification, all is able to meet the VOC, benzene and other harmful substances control standards.