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Tianyin industrial, as an independent business of private enterprises nowadays have such achievement depends on a first-class technical research and development team.

Tianyin has always places an emphasize on the establishment of scientific researcher team, throught team building to promote the development of the company's technical transformation. Company have 30 people working on technical research and development department, they are from both domestic and foreign senior who engaged in polymer synthesis technology and application technology of science and technology elite talent.

The company actively to carry out horizontal technology joint with external institution such as the institute of chemical engineering and Wuhan institute of technology. With the Nipponpaint Co., Fule (Chinese) adhesive Co. Ltd . carry out technical cooperation and technical exchanges. At the same time, the company's head and scientific research personnel also to be participate in several domestic high-level seminars to carry out technical exchange. to maintain the competitiveness of the enterprise products in the market by strengthening the cooperation of the industry.

With twenty years of manufacturing experience in paint chemical industry, dedicated technical staff, advanced equipment. Tianyin industrial has been able to provide the corresponding products according to different application environment and requirements of products. With a large number of patents, proprietary technology, innovative products, Tianyin’s brand continuously remain good reputation on the market and become a leader in the relevant industry.