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Complete technical testing equipment

Company invested a large amount of money to purchase production, testing and inspection equipment, Such as large capacity reactor, emulsification homogenization, high shear multi-function mixer, brookfield viscometer, rotary viscometer, electronic balance, high shear emulsifying machine, open type sand mill, digital display micrometer, digital display conductivity meter, electric heating blower drying box, dry box / incubator, fineness dispersion meter, constant temperature and humidity test box, chromatographic analyzer, residual monomer and all kinds of hardness teste, as well as a batch of experimental instruments and testing equipment, such as the test equipment of water based adhesive, the synthesis of water soluble resin, and the synthetic device of the emulsion of water purification., making the project research and development and industrialization has a full hardware foundation. At the same time, to ensure that the company's product have a good reputation and stable quality.