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Cooperate with the straits metropolis daily

Started in April 2008 and the straits metropolis daily, through the newspaper reports of water-based paint coating project of comprehensive, system health, environmental protection, safety performance, for the vast number of consumers to promote healthy household decorates correct selection, guide consumer consumption, reasonable, healthy consumption correctly, so as to create value for customers. Through the efforts of both sides, in order to for the society, for mankind, to improve to make due contributions to the earth's environment.

Cooperation website: http://tinyin.cn.alibaba.com

Cooperate with hc360

On April 6, 2006, signed a cooperation agreement with hc360 coating industry, formally by "walter base, polyester paint" named hc360 waterborne wood paint project channel, through the unremitting efforts of both sides, to achieve the cooperation of 1 + 1 > 2 effect.

Cooperate with soufun

Began in June 2008 and soufun cooperation, through the promotion and introduction of soufun, water-based paint products, let more soufun users understand the water-based paint performance, health, environmental protection, clean taste for the overwhelming majority of consumers with more choice of environmental protection decoration coating.

Cooperation website: http://home.sz.soufun.com/zhuanti/al_zt.html

Cooperate with alibaba

Cooperate with alibaba, set up the company's electronic trading platform, alibaba has good behaviour in the search engine, and a good customer experience, improve product awareness of cooperation with alibaba.

Cooperation website: http://tinyin.cn.alibaba.com