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Tian Yin as our marketing brands, we are trying to apply as a famous trademark in Guangdong province and subsequently recognized as a famous brand of China.

Now, there are thirteen registered trademarks in our company, which include Tian Yin(Chinese, English & Logo),Wallew(Chinese, English & Logo),and Hairou(Chinese, English & Logo).

Among them, Tian Yin’s brand strategy focus on aqueous high performance polymer emulsion,water-based adhesives, water paint series, paper chemicals. High-tech products is the biggest feature of the brand.

Wallew brand strategy is water borne wood paint and net flavor metope lacquer, the biggest characteristic of this brand is environmental protection, tasteless and health.

Printing ink for industrial use, light oil products and Fabric fiber coating are the main brand strategy of Hairou.

We will drive the Tian Yin brand and its series of products to the market step by step. Increasing brand awareness to promote the market sales.

During the promotion of brand, the company chose high-teach as the key factor of the brand strategy; Chose market potential demand as the direction of the brand strategy; Brand awareness and protection of intellectual property rights is to ensure the implementation of the brand strategy. 

By focusing on brand building, which include using the store brand, store display, promotion conference, community and street promotion, professional designer and painter, the newspaper essays and television advertising and other ways to increase brand awareness. Based on this to establish company’s image to obtain the international market entry licenses.