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Method of payment

Day silver malls provide WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay and net silver online payment and quick payment, paid in various ways to meet your different needs.

In distribution

Silver mall unified optimal speed express to provide you with efficient and perfect logistics distribution, with quick and thoughtful service to customers return for their support.

Privacy statement

This site will be on the information provided by every customer strict management and protection, this site will use the corresponding technology and protects your personal information is lost, stolen, or has been tampered with. But please note that on the Internet, there is no "perfect safety measures", so we don't promise that the above information is absolutely safe. We will not provide to any third party, sell, rent, share and transaction user's personal information, unless this site with a third party to provide services, at the end of the service will be banned from the third party access to these data. When we are law enforcement or provide your information in accordance with government requirements we will disclose your information kindly.