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  • TY-222AZ     zirconium carbonate water repellent agent
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  • TY-222AZ zirconium carbonate water repellent agent

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Product description:

TY-222AZ is a new and high cost-effective zirconium carbonate water repellent agent, which with the same functions as zirconium carbonate but less ammoniacal odour. The product was applied to coating and surface sizing to improve the water resistance. It can significantly improve coated paper’s dry and wet surface galling density; decrease the possibility of wet surface galling generating during printing; improve the ink absorption ability of coating and adaptability of printing. TY-222AZ is not formaldehyde contained and be used with water solubility or composited adhesive. TY-222AZ do not affect the viscocity of coating, it cures rapidly and react with hydroxyl and carboxyl to reduce the binder migration of agglutinant in coating.


The use of TY-222AZ:

It was used lastly during coating ingredient

The PH value should locate between 7.5-10.0

It is not including free formaldehyde and can be used for food package

It was recommended that the percentage of TY-222AZ is 3%-8% of adhesive. (consider the finished product as 100%)

The typical parameter of product: 



Physical index


Colorless or light yellow

Transparent liquid

Solid content



Brookfield viscometer


PH Value25℃,




 *All these results can only be the reference when testing temperature is in about 25℃.


Application, Security, and Storage:

The temperature of TY-222AZ storage is recommended as 10-35it cannot be transport or storage under 5℃ in case of freezing. The container of storage should be stainless steel, plastic and rubber, please do not use any container that include zinc, aluminum, and mild steel.


Expiration Date:

6 months, but it is recommended to be run out within 3 months to reach the maximum impact.



Plastic drum, net weight 250KG/bucket and 1250/bucket



All the information that relevant to the products in this document are only the references, Tian Yin company is not responsible for undertaking any legal liability of this document. Tian Yin company has right to change and reserve all these data without informing in advance. All these data were based on our own experiment, we strongly recommend customers to ensure this formula and technology is appropriate for your own manufacturing and ensure that the company has appropriate control method to ensure the consistency of quality.

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