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  • CN-533    Grinding dispersant
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  • CN-533 Grinding dispersant

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Product description:

CN-533 is an unsaturated Carboxylic acid copolymer sodium salt solution, which was widely used for dispersion of pigment and padding in emulsion varnish, adhesive and printing paste so on. This product especially suitable for grinding and dispersion of coarse whiting powder slurry in paper manufacturing industry. The product can improve the dispersing performance of pigment and padding, can improve the stability of slurry.  


Product advantages:

The dispersant can be mixed with water with any proportion

Cut down the milling time.

Improve the dispersity and color modulation.

Strong stability.

Application Area

The product was used as pigment and padding’s dispersing agent of water-based paint, papermaking and architectural coating. It can shorten the time of grinding, improve the dispersity and color modulation; In papermaking, the CN533 can improve the dispersity and lower the dosage; In leather making, CN533 can be used for dispersing pigment paste, shorten the grinding time and improve the quality. This product especially suitable for coarse whiting powder’s grinding and dispersing in papermaking industry.


The typical parameter of product: 



Physical index


Colorless or light yellow

Transparent liquid

Solid content



Brookfield viscometer


PH Value25℃,




 *All these results can only be the reference when testing temperature is in about 25℃.


Recommended Dosage

The dosage of CN533 is changed according to the different types of pigment and padding, it commonly be 0.1%-0.5% of gross dosage of pigment and padding.  


Application, Security, and Storage:

The product should be storage within closed container, void directly expose to the sun and rain; avoid freezing and high temperature. The recommended storage temperature is between 5-35.


Expiration Date:

12 months



Plastic drum, net weight 125KG/bucket, 250KG/bucket and 1100/bucket



All the information that relevant to the products in this document are only the references, Tian Yin company is not responsible for undertaking any legal liability of this document. Tian Yin company has right to change and reserve all these data without informing in advance. All these data were based on our own experiment, we strongly recommend customers to ensure this formula and technology is appropriate for your own manufacturing and ensure that the company has appropriate control method to ensure the consistency of quality.

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